Barley Chalu Limited

The Specialist Finisher Of Aluminium


Barley Chalu Limited is a privately owned business, established in 1967, more than 50 years ago. Specialising in the following treatments and finishes of aluminium.

We take pride in providing a quality, flexible service to our customers in the UK and Europe.

Now offering anodising and electrocolouring which adhere to the standards set by QUALANOD's latest edition; a quality label committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of anodised aluminium.

We are also the only QUALIDECO licensee holder for decoration of architectural aluminium.

Barley Chalu offers a complete powder coating service, including specification advice across the range of Class 1, 2 and 3 powders. Together with the coating service, we offer the rolling of sections with polyamide thermal insulators, including small batch and dual colour runs, utilising two dedicated on site, Aluroller machines. Also available is a profile stripping service in our environmentally friendly patented rotary stripping facility.

Painting to 'Marine Standard' for Sherwin Williams (Valspar) and Akzo Nobel respectively, achieving the 'Seaside Class' endorsement from Qualicoat and also pre-anodising as a pre-treatment for a high level of protection against corrosion, makes Barley Chalu currently the only coaters to have all these endorsements in the UK. Dedication to the quest for greater and greater improvement and enhancement of our processes and finished product is core to our business ethic.

Today Barley Chalu stands for leadership in quality and finish of architectural aluminium profiles. Combining a number of sophisticated technologies we are able to provide on time deliveries, superior quality and the very best customer service.


It is well known that aluminium and some of its alloys develop a natural oxide film which gives a degree of protection against corrosion. Under many conditions of exposure, particularly damp and humid conditions, this natural protection is inadequate and corrosion occurs.

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Powder Coating

Barley Chalu offer the application of a comprehensive range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings for the home improvement / fenestration systems and general extrusion market.

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Powder Coating

As well as our Horizontal Line, we now offer new, state of the art, Vertical Powder Coating booths, consisting of two automated powder coating booths and polymerization oven. The latest in its field, using innovative technology.

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Rotary stripping is a revolutionary approach to removing sub-standard or unwanted paint or anodic coatings.

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Thermal Insulation

We are able to offer two alternative types of Thermal Barrier Insulation.

Resin Pour and Cut System and Polyamide.

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Coatings are an application of a visible finish with a pretreatment that offers a base material protection and a 'key' for the visible coating to adhere too. Anodising uses the unique nature of aluminium as its surface can be converted into aluminium oxide, a material so tough it is often used as an abrasive.

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The decoration of coated Aluminium used for architectural Applications based on the transfer of images (wood effect) to coated substrates using the sublimation process.

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