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It is well known that aluminium and some of its alloys develop a natural oxide film which gives a degree of protection against corrosion. Under many conditions of exposure, particularly damp and humid conditions, this natural protection is inadequate and corrosion occurs.

Aluminium, even when thoroughly cleaned, does not present an ideal surface for painting. Extrusions emerging from the die at about 500oC immediately oxidise on contact with the air. The oxides of the alloying elements (magnesium, silicon, copper, manganese, etc.) swarf and extrusion 'fines' (mechanical linishing can be offered as an additional service), damage caused during handling and organic materials (dirt and oils) must all be removed to ensure adequate paint adhesion.

Metal pre-treatment, fundamentally, has two well-established aims - protection against corrosion and the preparation of a surface to which paint will adhere.

After inspection of the metal for any obvious defects which might affect the quality of the finish, the aluminium extrusions, pressings or sheet are loaded into specially designed baskets. They are then taken, under computer controlled conditions, through an 11-stage immersion process.

Powder Coating

Barley Chalu offer the application of a comprehensive range of architectural grade polyester powder coatings for the home improvement / fenestration systems and general extrusion market. This represents a cost effective route to achieving a durable and colourful finish, ensuring quality products and innovative technologies are available to meet current and future needs of our customers.

Colours can be chosen from the extensive RAL or BS colour ranges in flat / metallic or textured finishes, including Decoral wood grain sublimation.

Coatings are applied to:
BS : 6496 1984, BS EN 12206-1 : 2021 and Qualicoat with Seaside Endorsement (Licence No. 1001).


Rotary stripping is a revolutionary approach to removing sub-standard or unwanted paint or anodic coatings.

Our five stage process is capable of removing polyester paint coatings and anodised finishes back to the substrate without harming the metal and thus allowing Barley Chalu to uniquely offer the customer a full architectural guarantee once the material has been reprocessed.

Thermal Insulation

We are able to offer two alternative types of Thermal Barrier Insulation.

Resin Pour and Cut System

Resin thermal break interrupts the continuity of the framing profiles using a low conductivity polyurethane resin which is poured into the cavity and then de-bridged (sawn), resulting in a composite extrusion, which performs as a single structural entity.


Polyamide is a system of thermally insulating aluminium profiles by combining individual extruded aluminium sections, with pre-formed insulation strips. Polyamide insulation has numerous advantages giving the system flexibility and a relatively inexpensive format to stay in line with future legislation. It also simplifies the application of dual colours to window and door systems.


Barley Chalu prides itself on excellent finishing quality, attention to detail and its determination to provide its customers with the 'best in market' products.

Our high standards are achieved through compliance and strict adherence to our testing and control procedures in operation throughout the business.

All anodising products produced from our anodising department adhere to the standards set by QUALANOD's latest edition; a quality label committed to maintaining and promoting the quality of anodised aluminium. To be a licence holder of QUALANOD, a licensee must follow strict requirements for testing and performance. QUALANOD's specification conforms to ISO 7599. Licensees are subject to unannounced audits twice per annum for each license they hold.

Barley Chalu also conforms to the British Standard BS 3987:1991. BS 3987 provides a specification for anodic oxidation coating on wrought aluminium for external architectural applications. BSI is the UK's National Standards Body (NSB), who administers specifications that suppliers of materials must uphold, referring to recommended procedures, quality management and delivery of service and testing methods.

Barley Chalu offers a range of architectural anodised products:

  • Natural Anodising
  • Electrocolouring - Providing a range of 5 colour fast bronzes, from champagne to deep black. Oursystem also has the capacity to produce other colours on which we can advise.
  • Pre Anodising treatment (Powder Coating) - A superior surface pre-treatment for aluminium alloys providing excellent under paint protection.

All products processed at Barley Chalu carry a 25 year Guarantee for standard use and location.